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Norwegian is a North Germanic language. This site will inform you about what you need to know to learn the language. Primarily by giving you links to sites with Norwegian language classes both online and in Norway.

For any basic learner of a new language it is highly advantageous to follow classes to avoid developing any bad habits. That being said, as a teacher my clear experience is that the individual student's willingness to do hard work makes all the difference. Classes and a lot of self study is clearly the best option. A good course will provide you with ample material for self study.

Look through the sites offering classes and find which method will help you the most in learning Norwegian.

Norwegian Class

Many elements in Norwegian is quite straightforward. However, there are many advantages of attending classes. Particularly as a beginner you will avoid starting with bad habits in your use of Norwegian grammar or pronunciation if you right from the start have someone to correct you. The best option is naturally a private tutor, but attending classes in a language school also has its advantages. Meeting new people can be a motivational factor.

Norwegian Classes in Norway

If you already are living in Norway or intend to move there, attending the local language school can be a good option. For those who are in a group with the right to free classes - married with a Norwegian or refugee - you should contact the School for information or the city. The major Schools offering classes are:

Norwegian classes at FolkeUniversitetet - Located in all major cities and have course activities in a wide range of subjects.
Alfa Skolen - Located in Oslo and Drammen. They are recognized as an official provider of language classes for foreigners.

Online courses in Norwegian

Online classes in Norwegian make learning significantly easier. You do not need to leave your home and you are not dependent on living close to a school. Often you can also have more flexible hours. This makes it ideal for someone who works during daytime and maybe does not have the ability to spend the evenings in classes. Particularly when using a private tutor the classes are also more efficient. If you are taking classes at a regular language school you will have many class mates that are not particularly motivated. If your aim is to learn Norwegian very rapidly and are willing to put in extra hours, this can be a great option.

Learn Norwegian online - This is the site of a native Norwegian who is giving private classes following a set structure and at a very reasonable price.
Norwegian teachers at Italki - Italki is an online community offering language exchange and language classes for various of the global languages.
Lingueo Norvégien - This site is in French but they also speak English (and so does the teachers) so just send a message to start learning.
Norwegian Class 101 - Online site which offers online course material for learning Norwegian in online downloadable classes.
Learn Norwegian at Verbal Planet - Another site which has several private Norwegian tutors offering their services for private online classes in Norwegian.

Online Language resources for Norwegian

There are numerous language resources online for the Norwegian language. Since these kinds of sites tends to be short lived and go from a decent site to a advertisement farm overnight, I will not provide a list of them here. The few that do have some information only have very limited information. For basic learners with a genuine interest in learning the Norwegian language it is highly recommendable that you attend classes or has an online tutor. Follow the "Learn Norwegian Online" link above for more information about the classes I offer with the use of Skype.

How to learn Norwegian (or any other language)

I have long experience with teaching Norwegian in one to one classes both online and offline. To sign up for and attend a class surely will help you on your way to learn a new language, but it is far from enough and perhaps not even the most important step. Learning a language is one of those things that doubling ones efforts can more than double your results. If you only attend classes, but not study between the classes, the progress will limp along at a slow pace. Hopefully you will remember most from the previous class, but probably you will have forgotten a lot and therefore much of the class will be repetitive. To get the most of your classes in Norwegian (e.g. at Norwegian Learning) you should study between the classes. One simple way is to listen to Norwegian audio between classes. Another important element is to study grammar and vocabulary. One program I find particularly useful is Anki. It is particularly useful to learn vocabulary but can also be used for grammatical rules and phrases. It is also helpful for putting verblists with conjugations when you have studied past tenses. It can therefore be very useful for learning a wide spectrum of the language. Webfriends